“GAMADIGI” strengthens its positions in finland market

2013/10/31 (10 years ago) by Mindaugas P.

Scandinavian investments into Baltic region are recovering after crisis. One of the illustrations for this trend – cooperation between Finland’s advertising agency “Taskut” and Lithuanian digital design production company “Gamadigi”, which lasts one year already.

According to Antti Leskinen, director of “Taskut” and one of the investors in “Gamadigi”, growing Baltic region economy was one of the major reasons why they invested in Lithuania. This partnership meets the major requirements for successful communication projects: quality of services, continuity, creativity and ability to understand the needs of different clients.

“After close monitoring of Lithuania’s market we discovered that specialists here hold high levels of competences in IT and digital marketing, therefore such partnership would be very useful for “Taskut”. We can now offer best quality services for our clients.” – says A. Leskinen.

“During this year “Gamadigi” technically became “Taskut’s” department of digital projects – almost every project in this field were implemented by “Gamadigi” designers and programmers. I think that “Gamadigi” will constantly become big and influential company not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. However, economic growth isn’t the only ratio determining success of the partnership. For me, the chance to meet new people and to learn from them is the greatest treasure. It cannot be measured in numbers, but it also has a huge impact on economic growth.” – explains A. Leskinen.

Director of “Gamadigi” Julija Moisenko has the same opinion as A. Leskinen.

“Gamadigi” can be called a successful project between us and our partners from Finland. The goal when establishing the company was to settle in the markets of both countries. Currently both companies operate in international markets, therefore we acquire useful experience. It may be applied both in communicating with different clients and improving service quality.

“We are opening “Gamadigi” branch in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius shortly, because we want to expand the scope of the company. Of course, economic growth is important for us, but the main company’s goal is to ensure, that all our clients are happy and satisfied about our services.” – shares plans about the company director J. Moisenko.

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