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(Lithuanian) Naujieji e-komercijos metai – ką privalu žinoti?

2019/10/22 (4 years ago) by Mindaugas P.
Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

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(Lithuanian) Pirmą kartą Lietuvoje surengta „WordCamp Lietuva 2015“

2015/09/22 (8 years ago) by Dovilė Sendaitė

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian.

(Lithuanian) Po „WordCamp Europe 2015“ konferencijos – panašus renginys ir Lietuvoje

2015/07/16 (8 years ago) by Dovilė Sendaitė

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian.

Popularity of Lithuanian graphic design is on the rise in Scandinavian countries

2014/01/30 (10 years ago) by Julija Moisenko

Lithuania becomes more attractive for Scandinavian investitors. According to Finnish businessman Antti Leskinen, country’s companies and specialists offer creative and high quality services. Graphic design and IT are spheres that attract the most investors. Communication is the corner stone When asked why he chose to invest in Lithuania, Finn Antti Leskinen who holds share of Read more »

What are the current trends of logos?

2013/11/18 (10 years ago) by Juratè V.

High sales and well known brand name no longer guarantee the success for business. Visual element is also an extremely important key into popularity. The first detail grabbing attention is a graphic sign – logo. But how to know which most important elements should be incorporated into it? When is the perfect time to change Read more »

“GAMADIGI” strengthens its positions in finland market

2013/10/31 (10 years ago) by Mindaugas P.

Scandinavian investments into Baltic region are recovering after crisis. One of the illustrations for this trend – cooperation between Finland’s advertising agency “Taskut” and Lithuanian digital design production company “Gamadigi”, which lasts one year already. According to Antti Leskinen, director of “Taskut” and one of the investors in “Gamadigi”, growing Baltic region economy was one Read more »

Outsourcing in Eastern Europe?

2013/09/03 (10 years ago) by Julija Moisenko

Constantly rising prices of digital design services encourage companies to search partners in new markets. What our Eastern European neighbors can offer? Specifics of digital design markets in different regions According to Julija Moisenko, CEO of digital design production company from Lithuania Gamadigi, outsourcing in Lithuania is still not popular and the main reason for Read more »

Lithuania’s Gamadigi enters Scandinavian market

2013/09/03 (10 years ago) by Julija Moisenko

Lithuanian digital design production company Gamadigi expects to win Scandinavian and Western Europe markets. According to the CEO of Finnish marketing communication company Taskut Antti Leskinen, who is also one of the investors of Gamadigi, the decision to transfer production to Lithuania was not accidental. “Great price – performance ratio, offered by Gamadigi enabled us Read more »

Lithuanians’ interest in digital design takes first steps

2013/09/03 (10 years ago) by Julija Moisenko

Quite a large part of Lithuanians admire Scandinavians and try to adopt their lifestyle in many different areas. However, according to visual communication specialists, Lithuanian and Scandinavian websites design trends have more differences than similarities. Lithuanians have not formed their own style yet According to Scandinavian and Lithuanian company “Gamadigi”, which specializes in visual communication Read more »

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