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What are the current trends of logos? :: Gamadigi


What are the current trends of logos?

2013/11/18 (11 years ago) by Juratè V.

High sales and well known brand name no longer guarantee the success for business. Visual element is also an extremely important key into popularity. The first detail grabbing attention is a graphic sign – logo. But how to know which most important elements should be incorporated into it?

When is the perfect time to change logo?

The graphical signs, that are hard to remember, full of unnecessary details and text are replaced by those who are easily understandable and fit the identity of organization. What is more – there are fashion trends in design too. Of course, a well-designed and thought-out logo may succeed for decades, but even the most famous brands (“Microsoft”, “Jaguar”, “Twitter”) apply renewals to their logos, in order to maintain consumer’s interest, attractiveness and strengthen their position in the market.

“Gamadigi” director Julia Moisenko claims, that innovation has a significant impact for the costumers’ preferences which are usually associated with what is positive and modern.

“The fact that the graphic symbol of the company is renewed always denotes the changes related to the brand attitude in the costumer’s mind. Whether these changes are positive or negative depends on the scale of renewal and professionalism of the designer”, – says Ms. Moisenko.

The director reveals that it is important not to update the logo too frequently or without explicit reason.

“The branding and marketing of a new logo is a matter of a long time. Unreasonable changes may destroy the earlier work. Brand replacement or renewal should be done purposefully and not “blindly” by following the trends. The changes should be done in logos that are overcrowded with unnecessary details, are of indistinct form and disharmony of colors, disproportional”, – the director shares her insights.

How a graphic sign is created?

“The brand idea comes from the analysis of samples, finding a common brand concept and purpose. The essential elements of the logo should be excluded. Consumer will later identify the brand according these features. It is essential to take into account the target audience and the services the logo will be representing. Only after clearing up all the details ​​the first sketches are refined until the best solution is found”, – says “Gamadigi” graphic designer J. Veteikyte.

Brand’s graphic solution depends on many components: symbols, text, letters composition and meaning, the visual or typographic – text elements. Colors are usually chosen in order to enrich the logo – provide playfulness, sober or facilitate the identification of a particular company.

“There are no doubts that logos reflect the overall graphic design trends. According to the dominant forms, colors, we can identify those items that are “up to the minute” – contemporary. However, the major problem of some trends is the rapid change. Therefore, the development of brand must always be connected with the “life time” provided. Stylistic changes in signs can be seen every 4-5 years – it is closely related to the common graphic design trends, technological changes. In order to predict the impending fashion, logos should be considered in a global way of life, cultural trends and customs”, – the graphic designer reveals.

Today trends

95% of worldwide companies chose two colors for their logos: in 33% of cases, one of them is blue, symbolizing reliability and strength, the second most popular is red, associated with passion and energy, although not always assuring a positive approach to the brand.

According to the graphic designer J. Veteikyte, most important elements of conceptual logo are the harmony of elements and colors. The most commonly used symbols are associated with everyday elements of environment: waves, the structure of molecule, framing, monograms, etc.

Graphic designer comments the new Yahoo logo released in October.

“Yahoo’s logo renewal can be considered as an example when minimal “cosmetic” adjustments are made. The form of each letter is transformed not accidentally, but under a common framework. In this way the sign can be identified with its predecessor, but becomes much “cleaner” and aesthetically purified. It’s an advantage for brand’s future growth, “- says J. Veteikytè.”

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Juratè V.

Jurate V. is a graphic designer that specializes in logo, identity, corporate style, editorial design. She has 9 year working experience that consists of freelance design and illustration creation and work at Gamadigi.

Jurate was selected among the TOP 10 designers in European Union 50th anniversary logo competition. She is also Honorably mentioned at Logo competition of United Nation Documentary film festival „Stories from the Filed“.

Jurate is interested in art, cinema, and reading. She is fluent in 5 languages.

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